We always thought we would have kids. We started trying when we believed we were ready. A month went by, then two months, six months, a year. Nothing happened.

Something was wrong, but nobody could tell us what - and they still can't to this day. We tried IVF three times but our results were not good. We were devastated.

Eighteen months after our last IVF cycle, we knew we would not be having our own children. And, somehow, we have moved to a life that is much different to the one we thought we'd have.

This blog is about what we do now we know we won't be having children - the thoughts, dreams, realities, sorrows, and joys that have become our new life path.

I hope you will enjoy what I will be sharing, and I hope that if you are at the point where life without children is a reality for you, that you might find some hope and inspiration here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yet another update on my book…

I am currently at the mercy of the IRS. In my blog entry of the 12th March 2014 I wrote that the publication of book would be delayed due to having to contact the IRS regarding some tax issues.

I filled out the relevant form (to obtain a Taxpayer Identifications Number (TIN)) and sent this off along with supporting documents to the IRS. But, my application has been rejected – with no real explanation as to why. So, I need to stay up late one night and give the IRS a call to find out more.

It’s frustrating, but it is important for me to get this all sorted out before I publish the book.

I’ll keep you updated!

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